About me

Hello there folks, If you are here there's a big chance that you already know me. But anyway for the sake of completeness and new comers I will write this.

I am a student from Sri Lanka. These days I learn programming mostly by my myself (at least for now). I am actively learning Lisp, Javascript, C and Python programming languages. I am not comfortable enough to state that I have gained enough skill to make anything professional with any above mentioned languages.

I do my best to keep my mind open as possible all the time. I was born a Buddhist and currently following teaching from this Ashrama. If you are interested in true teachings of Buddhism I highly recommend checking them. But unfortunately most of the content are in Sinhalese.

I will display a summary of myself using the table below,

Age 20
Languages Sinhalese
gender cis male
Sexuality Straight
Preferred pronouns he/him or anything

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